Some end-of-year words

I’ve had a few things on my mind for some time now. And I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to share them with more than 250 SiteGrounders for our end-of-year recap event. Below is what I said:

You cannot imagine how happy I am to be here today! SiteGround end-of-year recaps are my most favorite events in the whole galaxy, so I am really honored to have the chance to open the 2015 recap. I will take this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you.

First, for those of you, who do not know me, I am Lily – one of the first employees at SiteGround and currently the Marketing Director of the company. For the last 7 months, however, I have not been actively involved in what is going on at SiteGround. The reason is that in June I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and since then I have turned my full attention to fighting the disease. My treatment will soon end and I hope to be seeing you much more next year.

But enough about me. What I wanted to talk about today is a goal for the next year. A goal for all of us here. And this goal is not related to increasing the number of sales or decreasing the wait time on the phone. No, it is more personal.

So, what I wish is simple – I wish each and every one of us to start each day at SiteGround full of inspiration and to go home each day feeling satisfied with what was achieved.

And I know it is not an easy task. It requires that you truly love your job. But from my personal experience I can tell you that loving what you do in the office is not enough. I have been with SiteGround since its first days and I can tell you that for the last 11 years I couldn’t have loved working something else more! However, I still had mornings that I did not feel like going to work and I still had evenings when I felt I had done nothing meaningful, despite the long hours spent in front of the computer.

But if love for what you do is not enough to feel good at work what more is needed?

I think I have recently found that out for myself. I think that what is needed is love for yourself too. What I would recommend in order to achieve the goal I have been talking about, is that after work you go home, or in the park, or in the pub, or in the gym or wherever you feel good and that you completely forget about SiteGround. Give your full attention to yourself and to the people you love, because you deserve that and your close ones deserve that too.

As great as working at SiteGround is, you can never feel good about your job, if you do not feel good about your life as a whole. So, for 2016 I wish all of us get closer to this precious work/life balance. And for those lucky ones of you, who are already there, keep it up like this!

And one more thing – enjoy each day of you life, because life is short.

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